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What's the hustle about a bustle?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Understanding the types of bustles for your wedding gown.

1. Standard or American bustle - this is most common bustle and easiest to handle.

Buttons are sewn to the back waistline of a gown and small loops made of thread are sewn to the bottom of the train.

2. French bustle - a french bustle creates drape in the back of the train. The French bustle is the most dramatic bustle. Ribbons are sewn under the train.

3. Hem bustle - a hem bustle is when the train is attached to the inside lining of the train. This bustle makes the train even with the front. I do not recommend this bustle because the gown will get a dirt line at the hem where it touches the floor. If the gown is going to be heirloomed or sold , the dirt may not come out during dry cleaning


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