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Our Bridal Bouquet Fabric Rosette is a unique accessory that has been lovingly crafted from upcycled fabric taken from a grandmother's wedding gown. Each handmade rosette is a beautiful and sentimental heirloom piece, perfect for adding to a bridal bouquet or wearing as a standalone accessory. Additionally, these rosettes are also available for grooms to wear as a stylish boutonniere. Make a statement with a one-of-a-kind accessory that carries the history and love of generations before you.


Option comes with hat pin



Trinity buds (3) $25.00

Half a dozen (6) $50.00

Dozen (12) $100.00

Bridal Bouquet Fabric Rosette

Excluding Sales Tax
4-6 weeks
  • 1" bud 

    2" bud

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