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Understand the wedding gown alteration process

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What to expect when getting your wedding gown altered.....

Expect 3-5 fittings depending on what alterations are needed or custom changes.

Schedule your alteration appointments 2 - 3 months before the wedding.

It is important to have the undergarments and shoes you plan on wearing for your wedding at your first fitting.

First fitting :overall pinning on bodice, hem, side seams and bustle. A seamstress may recommend bra cups to be sewn into the gown and or any bra/corset adjustments.

Second fitting: any additional take in or let out , check the hem and bustle. Revisions are made at that time.

Third - final fitting: this is the time to finalize and make a final check on the gown. Brides may fluctuate in weight gain/loss and require additional take in or let out. A third fitting may also be a try on pick up. Once the gown is 100% complete, the seamstress/presser will steam or press your gown. Gown's are delivered on cardboard bust form stuffed and package to keep it's shape and reduce wrinkling.


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