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Driven by a passion that transcends mere fashion, Suzanne Anderson has carved a unique niche in the industry as a small business owner. With an innate talent for crafting dream-worthy gowns that capture the essence of love and celebration, Suzanne brings unparalleled artistry to each creation.

Suzanne Anderson Bio picture


I started sewing as a young girl. After obtaining my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in fashion design, I quickly landed my first job at a bridal  boutique and I was hooked! In 1998 I opened my first small business in Chicago. 

I have been professionally trained in couture sewing  in the classroom and retail bridal alteration experience, most recently at Priscilla of Boston Bridal.


My mission is to create exquisite, custom gowns that embody the individuality and spirit of each client, transforming their dreams into timeless elegance or modern masterpieces through exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service.


I envision a world where every special moment is celebrated with a one-of-a-kind gown that tells a unique story, blending tradition with modern elements and sustainability. My goal is to inspire confidence and joy in each client, one beautifully crafted gown at a time.


SuZann Designs has been featured in several publications, as well as on the Chicago Reality TV show, "Starting Over" as Guest Wedding Gown Designer

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